John DeLucie

Chef, Restaurateur, Author, Musician

Chef to Open His First Solo Restaurant

This fall, the chef John DeLucie will open his first restaurant on his own, on East 40th Street. Called Bedford & Co. in homage to the location that is now the soon-to-open Renwick hotel but had previously been the Bedford Hotel, the restaurant will focus mainly on small plates.

“If I just order one thing, 27 bites into it, I’m bored,” said Mr. DeLucie. “I’d rather share and have three or four things on the table. It’s more casual and more fun, which is really the goal here.”

There will be Mr. DeLucie’s trademark “elevated comfort food,” including chicken pot pie and truffle mac and cheese. But, in addition, inspired by the wood-burning grills he saw on a recent trip to Buenos Aires and Uruguay, Mr. DeLucie ordered a custom grill from Grillworks in which he plans to cook grass-fed steak and other items. “The place will smell fantastic,” he said.

Mr. DeLucie explained that Bedford & Co. fits well into his aesthetic. “All the spaces I’ve had are vintage, old New York,” he said. Though Crown on East 81st Street has closed, he still operates the Lion, on West Ninth Street, with Mark Amadei and Sean Largotta.

“My role in the partnership was really food-driven, and when you have partners, there’s always going to be a little push and pull,” said Mr. DeLucie. “Now, it’s all-encompassing. It’s about the color and the paint and ‘Is this copper better than that copper?’ ”

Bedford and Co., he added, “will be more representative of me and the person and chef that I am.”

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